Carrier OEM EZ Flex EXPXXFIL0020 Filter
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Carrier OEM EZ Flex EXPXXFIL0020 Filter

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EZ Flex EXPXXFIL0020 Filter

EXPXXFIL0020 EZ Flex Filter, Factory Original (OEM) high efficiency Merv 10 filter media. This filter also known as: Carrier EXPCCFIL0020, and Bryant EXPBBFIL0020, is the filter only, and does not include the end caps included with purchase of corresponding air cleaner cabinet (Carrier Day-Night MACA, MPKA, EZXCAB series, EXPXXUNV0020 for MACA & MPKA series air cleaners).

Nominal Size: 20" x 25" x 5"
Actual Size: 19-7/8" X 24-3/4" X 4-3/8"

The EXPXXFIL0020 EZ Flex expandable media filter efficiently traps airborne particles while allowing a free flow of fresh cleaner air while maintaining your system's efficiency.

This EZ Flex MERV 10 rated filter's large high quality synthetic surface design allows a high holding capacity of dust pollen, molds, smoke, tobacco, grease, soot, bacteria, and pet dander.

The manufacturer’s recommendation is to replace your filter every six months.

- Original (OEM) expandable filter
- MERV 10 Rated Filter
- Easy assembly requires no combs
- Change at least twice a year