Carrier EXPXXFIL0016 - EZ Flex 16" Expandable Air Filter Merv 10 - 16x25 Filter Only No End Caps

Carrier EXPXXFIL0016 - EZ Flex 16" Expandable Air Filter Merv 10 - 16x25 Filter Only No End Caps

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When you offer your customers the Carrier EZ Flex expandable filter you are offering all of the advantages of a MERV 10 or MERV 13 high efficiency air filter - cleaner indoor air, reduced levels of dust and other airborne pollutants, and enhanced sytems performance. At the same time, you'll enjoy the benefits of easy assembly, compact packaging, and unmatched replacement flexibility.


Fast, EZ Assembly— The EZ Flex filter uses a simple, three step process that is much faster and easier than any expandable filter on the market. Other expandable filters can take up to fifteen minutes to assemble, requiring the installation of up to five combs. Because the EZ Flex expands to the correct size without using combs, it can be assembled in less than fifteen seconds. That translates to less time on the job and more money in your pocket.

Space-Saving Design— Cartridge filters require more space than expandable filters. The compact EX Flex allows you to fit up to fifteen replacement filters in the same space required for three cartridge filters. More filters in less space means fewer trips back to the shop to restock your vehicles.

Designed for Maximum Flexibility—Carrier's EZ Flex filter was designed for replacement flexibility. With its patented design, the EZ Flex not only serves as a replacement for Carrier FILCAB and EZXCAB cabinets, it also replaces Honeywell, Trion, and Space-Gard (Aprilaire) cabinet filters. Because EZ Flex fits so many applications, you only have to stock one type of filter to meet the majority of your customer's needs.

Extra Convenience Without Sacrificing Performance— The EZ Flex expandable filter offers greater flexibility and ease of assembly while maintaing an efficiency rating of MERV 10 or MERV 13. EZ Flex is designed to remove airborne pollutants as small as .3 microns while maintaining one of the lowest pressure drop ratings in the industry. Carrier's EZ Flex significantly improves indoor air quality while allowing the HVAC system to perform at its best.


Weight 1 Pounds (lbs)
Length 24.6875 Inches (In)
Width 4.5 Inches (In)
Height 15.9 Inches (In)
Country of Origin USA
Brand Carrier,Payne,Bryant
CFM 1600
MERV Rating 10
Prop 65 Yes
Size 16" x 25"
Tier Standard
Type Pleated



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